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True Lessons of Entrepreneurial Deal Making with John Sage

What happens when you put your mind to good use? Explore this diverse resource to benefit your own journey towards understanding how to become a great property and business dealmaker.


Property Deal Maker

If you want to gain knowledge from someone who has built multi-million dollar wealth from scratch, this is for you. If you’re fed up with advice from pretenders and spruikers who haven’t done half the things they say they’ve done, this is for you.
Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Ever feel like you’ve read the same marketing blogs hundreds of times? Here you’ll find an unexpected and dangerous thing: original thoughts.
Sales Coach

Sales Coach

Get your head in the right place, develop your understanding of success, and learn how to close like a champ. No time to waste, let’s get started.

About John

When it comes to business, you name it, Sage has done it. From growing his own multi-million dollar business from scratch to making millions for others, and building his way back up from losing it all and now thriving in business – his knowledge is earned from experience. For the first time ever, he’s making his lessons publicly available to help as many people as possible to go on their own wealth journey while helping them avoid the pitfalls.

John’s philosophy is that wealth and success are for everyone, regardless of their starting point, if they follow the right advice and block out the impostors. He’s direct and he won’t waste your time. He’s the grumpy old man every Australian needs in their lives to help make ‘extraordinary’ happen.

In addition to being a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and marketing, John also knows entirely too much about wine, classical music, and history. Talk of these topics will mellow him out enough for a chat over a glass of red, but not enough to get him on your trivia team.

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John has amassed a comprehensive knowledge base of the industry and its players so as to deliver results for his clientele. His experience includes building from scratch through renovating existing properties. He is a well-renowned property developer in Queensland. He has been working in this industry for many years and he is well known for his magnificent construction quality and creativity.

Sage has extensive experience in property development, including site selection, site feasibility, project delivery, project marketing and sales, project construction funding, raising finance and mezzanine funding.

A lifelong history of successful property developments

John is passionate about creating great homes and delivering superior customer service to his clients. He has a proven track record of success and provides excellent communication, professionalism, attention to detail and personalized service to his clients. He takes pride in ensuring that his projects meet all quality standards and exceed the expectations of those who are purchasing his properties.

He is committed to providing excellent customer service so that you are satisfied with your development experience and will develop lasting relationships for future needs. His aim is to provide innovative solutions and superior customer service at affordable prices. With years of experience that they are capable of meeting any project challenge.

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