John Sage

All roads led to Rome, now all roads lead to Ipswich.

Augustus had those bragging rights in 20BC, but Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has been handed the new crown.

Ipswich and its surrounding areas seem to be this year’s secret finds for people in the know
  • Ipswich and its surrounding suburbs are in a unique location that offer access like nowhere else in Southeast Queensland.

  • The introduction of the precisely placed motorways and highways will transform this Brisbane west corridor into a premier residential hub.

  • SEQ is a fast-growing area that encompasses both a lifestyle enhancement and a lucrative investment.

  • It is a heavy fact; property prices are lower than they should be in golden parts of Queensland and the 24 carats are in and around Ipswich.

  • Rome wasn’t built in one day, but this growth corridor has some incredible momentum.