John Sage

The property market is hot, the climate is cosy warm, and you get to escape the cold, “Hello” Queensland and thanks for having us.

People, people, people, this is not rocket science, this is brass tacks, we are talking economic euphoria and lifestyle luxury rolled into one.

Ipswich and its surrounding areas seem to be this year’s secret finds for people in the know
  • I don’t expect you to believe me, I earnestly believe you to believe in you and connect the life changing dots.

  • A recent hot off the press except from The Herald Sun shined fresh light on a game changer that needs acknowledgement.

  • “Queensland is the most sought-after place to live for both interstate and overseas buyers and renters in Australia, with Sydney and Melbourne left in the dust.”

  • It is a heavy fact; property prices are lower than they should be in golden parts of Queensland and the 24 carats are in and around Ipswich.

  • Great things are happening now, and we hope you want to be part of it.