John Sage

The reasons are piling up to move, live and flourish in South East Queensland.

Pollies are emptying their coffers to the sum of $1.8 billion to make the region the envy of every ‘banana bender.’

The Rail Line extensions will improve the regional transport network immensely.
  • The SEQ city deal, has the backing from, not just councils, but to the federal level and they aim to deliver region-shaping infrastructure that mimics a modern-day utopia.

  • This 20-year vision will generate thousands of local jobs, boost digital and transport connectivity, enhance liveability and support one of the fastest growing regions in the country.

  • The focus is to get better, not just bigger, from Redbank Plains to Riverview, Camira to Collingwood Park, this growth corridor is infectious.

  • Whether you want to live, work, or visit SEQ, the quality of all these three is on the up and up and the secret is spreading.