John Sage

Interest rates are on halt, the rentals are sky high, the housing markets doors ajar, it must be time to buy

Amongst all this doom and gloom, property prices are going gangbusters, and optimists see this as an investor or prospective homeowners’ dream.

  • With interest rates having a breather and rents swinging for the fences, it seems prudent to beat others to the front of the queue, not the end.

  • “The property market is defying gravity. Despite there being increased interest rates, we are seeing property prices continue to go up,” Real Estate Institute of NSW says.

  • The upswing in property values comes after a housing market crash in late 2022.

  • You should not work a 9 to 5 just to pay rent, nor live with your folks too far into their golden years. If not now when!?

A young couple receive keys to their new home!