John Sage

The BIG Pineapple, The BIG Mango, The BIG Kangaroo and now… the BIG House!

Australians are flocking to Bris-Vegas and The Goldy, for a BIG house at half the costs of a small home in Sydney or Melbourne.

  • Better weather, natural wonders, lower cost of living, less congestion and recently a State of Origin win! What’s next?

  • Sorry, not sorry to say that Queensland might have a metaphorical BIG Magnet as it draws people from other states and cities.

  • The latest data shows that the number of interstate buyers looking at QLD realestate continues to hold strong even with the borders open, with ABS data showing that NSW has seen the largest net loss of citizens to other states, in particular the Sunshine state in recent times.

  • Pay more and get less in some states – or – pay less and get more in Queensland, it’s your call

The Big Pineapple in Woombye, Queensland.