John Sage

An Aussie who left school in Year 10, now has 10 properties

From electrician to property magician, this young Sydneysider discovered a few secret waves of the wand to live his dream.

  • Spoiler alert, hard work is involved, nothing worth having or receiving comes easy.

  • However, 26-year-old Scott Levoune soon learnt that knowledge is power, and that the correct advice is essential.

  • “The right loan type, studying local market growth whilst looking at long term characteristics are crucial, but so is the precise advice”.

  • “Anyone can do this,” exclaims Mr Levoune.

  • He is right, where there is a will there is a way and when you discover the way, you will want a piece of the property pie.

Scott Levoune
This is the smile of a man who in a short time learnt a short cut, a moralistic and diligent short cut.