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Paris end of Collins Street, Melbourne

Collins Street is a major street in the CBD of MelbourneVictoria, Australia. This thoroughfare was laid out in the first survey of Melbourne, the original 1837 Hoddle Grid, and soon became the most desired address in the city. Collins Street was named after Lieutenant-Governor of Tasmania David Collins who led a group of settlers in establishing a short-lived settlement at Sorrento in 1803.

I chose this location for my Brooks Building project. this development project is the construction of 7 two and three-bedroom city apartments over a three-level commercial conversion. The original building was built in 1915 and is located at 30 Russell Street, in an area colloquially known as the ‘Paris’ end of Collins Street.

Brooks Building at 30 Russell Street in Melbourne developed by John Sage | Image source: Google Maps
Brooks Building at 30 Russell Street in Melbourne developed by John Sage | Image source: Google Maps

The eastern end of Collins Street has been known colloquially as the ‘Paris End’ since the 1950s due to its numerous heritage buildings, old street trees, high-end shopping boutiques, and as the location for the first footpath cafes in the city. As with all main streets in the Melbourne city centre, the Hoddle Grid is exactly 99 feet wide which would allow for the installation of trams in 1885. Blocks further west centred around Queen Street became the financial heart of Melbourne in the 19th century, the preferred home of major banks and insurance companies, a tradition which continues today with the most prestigious office blocks and skyscrapers found along its length.

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Why people love the Paris end of Collins Street

  • The area is rich in historic architecture
  • It’s a premier destination for Melbourne’s luxe shopping
  • Entertainment: Collins Street is an epicentre for live shows such as musicals, theatre, and independent productions
  • City break: whether visiting from interstate, or for a city staycation, you can’t beat Collins Street
  • The only Dr Seuss gallery in Victoria is located in the area
  • Hidden laneways, high tea or a range of restaurants and dining

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