John Sage

What you can learn from previous property price cycles for greater profit potential

There have been many property downturns in the past. But only the smart ones learn how to profit from the opportunities that these create. To learn how, read on…

Everybody knows the property market has had its ups and downs and will continue to do so. But only the smartest learn how to take advantage of other people’s misery.

So talking to a property developer and long-time industry expert, John Sage, who has personally bought and sold several hundred million dollars of his own real estate, here are three simple lessons from past downturns to profit in the next upswing.

  • 1

    Buy when the market is soft, for example, NOW!

  • 2

    Time in the market is more important than timing a buy or sell

  • 3

    Look for opportunities to buy below market value

According to the Domaine report on property price cycles, house prices increased on average by 32.7% during boom times. During downturns, house prices decreased by only 3% on average.

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